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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Life of Junior Engineer on Ship


"Junior Engineer" is a very important rank with respect to the engine room. They are Engineers under training after completion of basic education for the sea service. The don't hold a "certificate of competency", (C.O.C), to become an "Officer In charge Of an Engineering Watch",(OOEW). They are under direct control of 2nd Engineers who is usually the operational/maintenance boss of the engine room. They are supposed to get training on operation/maintenance of various machineries under supervision of senior Engineers.
Out of all these engineers, since Junior Engineers are trainee engineers, they sail for comparatively more time than other engineering officers. This makes them well versed with the history, inventory, spares, records, log books, pipeline tracing & to some extent fault finding too..They usually help senior engineers to get familiarized with the engine room, shortly after their sign-on. They also indirectly share the responsibilities of the 2nd engineer and to some extent other engineers too. Some of the usual jobs of the Junior Engineers are 
1. Complete Pipeline tracing 
2. Bilges handling
3. Sludge handling
4. 2nd engineers watch routines & log book updating
5. certain paper works for the month end reports.
6. Incineration
7. Learn the operation & maintenance of machineries
8. obey orders of 2nd engineer
9. Help other engineers if directed by 2nd engineer.

and many more...!!
Thus the Rank of Junior Engineer is very vital for the operation of the ship. It is also key for a persons technical knowledge as many engineers learn at this rank.



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